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Tips & Tricks for your RV

Ants/Bugs-I'm sure you've tried spraying all kinds of 'bug remover' and nothing seems to work. You don't need the smelly chemicals inside the motor home, you need to treat the ground your camper is setting on. If you purchased a 10 lb. bag of lawn and garden insect treatment, and a hand spreader.Walk around the outside of the motor home and lay down a pretty good coat, repeat this once every couple of months. The bag costs approximately $12.00 and lasts all summer. This should clear up your buggy situation nicely.

Mildew Smell- When you open your camper after it has been closed for a few months, do you smell a mildew, moldy and a musty smell? If so, the next time you close your camper or run into a bad smell, place trays of charcoal in your camper. You may even open your cabinets and cupboards and put trays there also. This will get rid of your smelly problem and prevent it in the future.

Bug Remover- I'm sure from hauling your trailer, you've found where your camper gets pounded by every bug you drive past. Before you leave to haul your camper the next time, apply a layer of dish soap to your problem areas. When you arrive to your desitination, spray the problem areas with a hose and the bugs come right off. This also helps save the chrome and paint on new trailers and keep your camper looking great!

Cleaning Your Tank-When you're getting ready to leave the campground in the morning and your tank is empty, fill it about 2/3rds full of water and drop in a couple bags of ice. The ice will beat the 'dirt' off the sides as you travel. Then be sure to dump it as soon as you stop that evening. If you prefer not to take the dirty mess home, once you empty your tank add the normal amount of deodorizer and about 2 gallons of water. This will mix and keep your tank smelling good for your next trip!

Storage Ideas-Use Zip-lock type storage bags for noodles, macaroni, rice, cereal, etc., as it makes it bug proof, no added weight in RV and disposable. Plus you can see how much is left thru the clear bag and they don't tip or spill. You may also put salad in storage bags (don't completely close the zipper or lettuce will turn brown). Save your plastic olive oil bottles to refill with salad dressing for the RV - toss when empty.

Fun For the Awning-A trick of the trade learned long ago is to find a couple of the fun-noodles, normally used in a swimming pool. You'll notice a hole that goes completely down the middle of the noodle, cut down on side of the noodle. Put these on the awning bracket that runs from the corners of the awning to the lower part of the RV, by doing this they are padded for those dark walks past the brackets, so if you forget about them they are padded. Without these in place, the bracket cracking you across the bridge of the nose will make you see lightning!! Foam pipe insulation works too, but the noodles cost alot less!

Have any tricks of your own??

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